Welcome To Your Go-To Destination For Red Wiggler Worms

North Carolina Worms was created to give every passionate gardener and fisherman out there the Red Wiggler worms they need to master their composting and fishing projects.

Known for their remarkable composting abilities, Red Wiggler worms are considered the king of composting worms, while many experienced fishermen use them as baits in their fishing getaways.

Premium Quality Red Wiggler Worms Delivered To Your Doorstep

At North Carolina Worms, we carefully breed and raise worms on our farm in Watauga County, NC, making sure you have top quality Red Wigglers with no Blue Worms mixed in.

Shipping 5 days per week, we work hard to ensure you have your worms as quickly as possible so you can start your project and see the desired results. We pay great attention to every order, working hard to respond to our strict quality standards and exceed your expectations.

Growing Worms For Over A Decade

What makes North Carolina Worms stand out in the worm market is our extensive experience combined with our commitment to serving clients and guaranteeing excellent shopping experiences.

Before starting this business, Jesse Tolliver, our founder, was an avid fisherman for over 10 years, gaining valuable knowledge and experience in Red Wiggler worms. Based on all these years of expertise, he decided to turn his hobby into a professional activity, creating North Carolina Worms with a mission to help fellow fishermen and gardeners reap the benefits of these valuable creatures.

Today, his business continues to grow and evolve, centered around the same goal: to keep providing unrivaled quality worms and meeting our customers’ needs, while respecting and caring for nature.

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