Bin bedding mix and ongoing care: The best bedding mix is a 50/50 mix of fine pine shavings animal bedding and daddy petes organic cow manure(black kow is also an acceptable substitute). Incorporate all the materials so that the mix is balanced, and then wet this mixture down to the moisture level of a wrung out sponge. You don’t want it dry, and you don’t want it muddy. 8-16” is a good depth for bedding in your bin. You can cover the top of your bin with wet newsprint as worms like to feed in the dark. A rubbermade tote, an urban worm bag, or a watering trough are all good worm beds. For feed we strongly recommend veggie scraps and wheat bran. Sprinkle the feed on top of bedding lightly(think parmesan on a pizza). Every two weeks, add a handful of garden lime pellets(don’t use slaked or hydrated lime, just regular garden dolomite lime. ) This will prevent your bedding from turning acidic over time. Usually we feed our worms 1x a week. Don’t put more feed in the bin than they can eat in one week. Excess feed will ferment your bedding, and that isn’t healthy for your worms. You can also feed your worms shredded cardboard and newsprint, and well composted animal manures that have been outside and leached by the rain for awhile. Just a note, whenever you feed your worms or add garden lime, use a pump sprayer to mist your bedding with water. You don’t want your food or substrate to dry out. To help with this, cover the top of your bedding with bubble wrap(bubble side facing down) or use wet cardboard as a bedding cover. Every 6 months you can harvest castings out of your bin and add more fresh bedding. If your bin is overcrowded with lots of baby worms, you can go fishing, give some to a friend, or divide your population to start a new bin. Supplies: The bedding I recommend, and also a 50lb bag of wheat bran and Garden Lime Pellets, can be bought at Miller’s Farm Supply. Their address is 155 Slabtown Rd, Zionville, NC. If you are not local to the area the above supplies can be found at tractor supply or lowe's. You can also use coconut coir or shredded cardboard in your organic manure bedding mix, if you can't find pine shavings animal bedding in your area.

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