To start a worm bed, mix at a ratio of 50/50 bagged pine shavings and black kow brand compost. You can also use well-rotted horse manure. Make sure this mixture is damp like a wrung-out sponge. You can then introduce your worms. If you are vermicomposting, regular inputs of veggie scraps works well in this mixture. Periodically add a sprinkling of dolomite garden lime to your worm bed, to add grit and maintain proper PH. Do this once every two weeks. Every 6 months, it is a good idea to harvest most of the castings and start over with fresh bedding. If your bin has a high population density of red wigglers, you can harvest a good deal of worm castings after three months. If you are growing red wigglers for bait, feed them a high protein diet. I recommend Mazuri earthworm diet, or alfalfa pellets. To maintain worms at bait size, don't let your population density get too high. Go fishing more often with your surplus worms, give them to a friend, or start new worm beds! Also, to maintain large worm size, you need to regularly replace the bedding. Red wigglers that live in castings rich material are generally stunted in size. If you are an existing customer and you need help with raising your worms, send me an email and I can diagnose and help you fix any issue that you may have. Thanks for reading these tips and have a blessed day.

Jesse Tolliver, Farmer

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