Shipping, Delivery, & Live Guarantee

Red Wigglers are guaranteed to be delivered to our customers alive. We have many years of experience in shipping worms, and lots of compost and insulation is used while packing your order to ensure safe arrival. 

Most worm farms ship on Monday and Tuesday. NC Red Wigglers wants to provide the best service, so therefore we have decided to start shipping orders Monday-Friday of every week. Orders placed after 9AM on Friday will have to go out the following the Monday, as we only have time to visit the post office once per day. An email will be sent from our store with your tracking number. Please check both your regular inbox and your spam folder, as sometimes your email provider will send a legitimate email from us to your spam folder in error. 

We will take care of you in the extremely rare instance something goes wrong with the post office or UPS handling your shipment. We will send you new worms free of charge if the shipping company killed your worms. 

Here's more details about our live arrival guarantee- if the worms are delivered to your local post office, they must be picked up within 24 hours, due to being a live and perishable item. If the worms were delivered and left at your doorstep, they must be brought inside within 8 hours, due to being a living and very perishable item which should not be exposed to outside temperature extremes for long periods of time. Once installed in a worm bed, red wigglers tolerate temperature extremes much better. In the confines of small shipping box, they are less tolerant of temperature extremes. For the safety of your worms, be sure to check your tracking number so that someone will be available to bring your worms inside in a timely manner. If the worms died during transit, you must report dead worms within 12 hours of receiving your shipment to validate this guarantee. Furthermore, you must send us a video of the dead worms next to the cloth bag and box that they were shipped in, as proof of a dead shipment. No new worms will be shipped until we receive a video as evidence of a dead delivery.

Live Pickup Guarantee:

When you pickup the worms, they are delivered healthy to you as the customer. Once the worms are in your possession, it is your responsibility to keep them alive. More details on this will be provided in a document that is supplied with every local pickup order.

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