We have been selling red wigglers for several years on ebay, before starting our own website to ship red wigglers to customers in the Carolinas and beyond! We have many satisfied customers, place your order with confidence today!

Carter Parham- Great business and super service. Fast and professional.

Dean Visser- Nobody does a better job for clients! Jesse even helped my son start his own worm bed, and he raises his own fishing bait. NC Red Wigglers for us from now on.

Darrell Beam- I have fished with Jessie’s worms for years, I have made garden with the castings and had other business dealings with him. The worms will be healthy and first quality. The prices will always be fair and competitive. And you will always find Jesse to be honest in his dealings.

Ginger Davis- I am very happy with my purchase of red wigglers from North Carolina Red Wigglers. So much so, that I cancelled another order for red wiggler worms that I had placed 3 weeks ago from another vendor that still had not shipped my worms. I’m new to vermicomposting. The owner, Jesse, was very responsive to my questions and answered promptly. I received beautiful, quality, healthy worms with fast shipping. I’ve ordered worms from Uncle Jim’s and bought from a local grower. Their worms were not the quality you will find here. I highly recommend!

C A- The shipment arrived quickly via UPS, was packaged nicely, and the worms arrived safely. Excellent service!

Lauren W- I recently purchased worms from them had a great experience! Their communication and customer service were excellent—prompt, helpful, and informative throughout the entire process. I feel comfortable knowing that if I have any questions, I can reach out to them. Shipping was quick, and the worms were well-packaged and arrived healthy. It's clear they take great care in their quality worms. I highly recommend these guys for their awesome service and worms! If I need any more I’ll definitely be coming back here.

Christine Eastwick-Worms were shipped quick and arrived quick. Well packaged and all were alive!

T!ME][F!SH !- Awesome product and even better service...

Bob Carlough- Jesse has always done us well.

Michael Ballew- Incredibly prompt responses to queries. Our mountain trout and stockers are fans. An easy 5 stars.

Carl Butler- An absolute pleasure dealing with NC Red Wigglers. Healthy worms and ideal for fishing. I'll be back for more. Strongly recommend.

Anna Cifaldo- Exceptional red wigglers complemented by impeccable customer service!

Aaron Christensen -Excellent company. I give them my highest personal recommendation.

John Harpold -This ranch provides... On the water, This Dude Abides! Jesse raises the best healthy bait out there!

Eddy Burger -Always quality product and fast shipping will do business with again.

Jeffery Rose- Worms are excellent quality!!! Great customer service and very knowledgeable. The fish love them. They reproduce quickly and are very active. If I ever need more, this is the only place I will order from.

artsybob havens -I have used these red wigglers to catch every fish from trout, to largemouth bass to large catfish, white perch, shell crackers and crappie. These red wigglers catch everything swimming. I live on Lake Hickory and fish constantly. I can get my wigglers within a day ordering. Jesse Tolliver, the owner of NC Red Wigglers was kind enough tell me how to raise my own wigglers and when I run low I order a pound of new worms to replenish my stock. The worms are hardy and stay on the hook well. That is until a fish eats them, HaHa. I have used night crawlers and red worms from bait stores but NOTHING compares to these worms for matchability. Order some today you won't be disappointed.

harlan beam- I have fished with and raised redworms from NC Red Wigglers for years now. I have great confidence that Jesse knows more about wigglers and has better quality worms than most of his competition. He strives to make sure has no infiltration of other types of worms and that they arrive to you in great condition. I also know that he will make sure that you are happy and supply any information that you need to make your own worm beds thrive.

David Hopkins- Jesse’s worms are great. Great customer service, you can’t go wrong.

Joe Cap 5- Outstanding Business to Deal with. Great Products with Great Customer support. Owner helped me with a few questions. Also gave me some expert Tips that truly worked when I tried them. He's got me a a new life long customer.

Dustin Douglas-  I have used these worms and caught so many fish on them! They are great worms. Healthy product and for a great price!

Dave Hammer-The best live bait I've ever used. Better than crickets, Canadian crawlers, earth worms etc. They catch trout, bass, peach, bluegill, anything. Check out the catfish my son caught. He was super happy.

Dennis Shekinah-NC Red Wigglers is a small one person farm dedicated to quality bait and worm byproducts. He also guides small groups on fly fishing tours for which he has won awards for. A super nice guy who takes his passion of fishing more seriously than anyone I know. Highly recommended

Vu Nguyen -I got some red wigglers at the Taylorsville Beach marina on Lake Hickory and we caught a lot of fish!!! We caught bluegills, shell crackers, and white perch! Thank you, Jesse!!!

Holly Melendez -Jesse provides great service and products. Also works great with kids... our boys love fishing with him and his worms!

Kevin Johnson -Fast shipment of 500 red worms all alive. Was skeptical at first but my first day on the lake I cleaned 180 perch and threw back a lot of small ones. For the next week on vacation I got crappie catfish perch and bass. Still skeptical I used one pole redwoods two poles minnows anchored with 80 perch on red worms 2 perch and a small catfish on minnows. They are great for trout two. We’re I live heads 3 streams that turns into big rivers with some really good trout waters. Trout hit them hard and the red worms are tough. They don’t break when trying to get them on a hook like a lot do and I really like that.

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